2014-2016 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) 
    Jan 28, 2023  
2014-2016 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BE-GY 6203 Biomedical Imaging I

3 Credits
This course introduces the physics, instrumentation and signal-processing methods used in X-ray imaging (projection radiography), X-ray computed tomography, nuclear medicine (SPECT/PET), ultrasound imaging and magnetic resonance imaging.

Prerequisite(s): Undergraduate level courses in multivariable calculus (MA-UY 2112  & MA-UY 2122  or MA-UY 2114  ), physics (PH-UY 2033  ), probability (MA-UY 3012  ), signals and systems (EE-UY 3054  ).  Students who do not have prior courses in signals ans systems must take EL-GY 6113  / BE-GY 6403  - Digital Signal Processing I as a prerequisite or must obtain instructor’s approval; EL-GY 6123  - Image and Video Processing is also recommended but not required.
Also listed under: EL-GY 6813  
Weekly Lecture Hours: 3 | Weekly Lab Hours: 0 | Weekly Recitation Hours: 0