2014-2016 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) 
    Aug 19, 2022  
2014-2016 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CS-UY 2134 Data Structures and Algorithms

4 Credits
This course covers abstract data types and the implementation and use of standard data structures. Topics: Fundamental algorithms and the basics of algorithm analysis. A grade of C- or better is required of undergraduate computer science and computer-engineering majors.

Prerequisite(s): CS-UY 1124  (C- or better) (for Brooklyn Engineering Students) OR ENGR-AD 202, MATH-AD 110 or MATH-AD 111, and MATH-AD 131 (for Abu Dhabi Students) OR CSCI-SHU 101 (for Shanghai Students)
Weekly Lecture Hours: 4 | Weekly Lab Hours: 0 | Weekly Recitation Hours: 0