2016-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) 
    May 08, 2021  
2016-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Integrated Digital Media

Academic Adviser: Eric Maiello


How does NYU Tandon define “integrated” digital media? As a synthesis of cutting-edge technology, creative mastery and critical thinking. NYU Tandon has long been at the forefront of developments in education and research and in computing, telecommunications, imaging sciences and the Internet. We maintain close ties to New York’s mediarelated industries and leaders. Faculty members bring to their academic and research programs a practical, real-world perspective.

NYU Tandon offers Bachelor of Science and Master of Science programs in Integrated Digital Media. These programs use NYU Tandon’s extensive resources to unite the traditionally separate dimensions of creation, critical analysis and technology development. NYU Tandon’s location offers access to a rich mix of digital-media leaders-artists, academics, designers, developers, producers and engineers.

NYU Tandon programs allow students to develop mastery not only of technique, but also of concepts and context. To achieve this synthesis without compromising quality or depth, NYU Tandon offers (and requires) an exceptional level of commitment leading to an exceptionally desirable credential in industry and culture. These programs provide a full understanding of all aspects of media invention, production and distribution. NYU Tandon prepares graduates for their first entry-level position or proof of- concept, and also for a future in which they can rise within existing institutions, genres and companies, or confidently build new ones.

Brooklyn Experimental Media Center (BxmC)

The Brooklyn Experimental Media Center provides a point of contact between top-level investigators in technological, creative and strategic areas across the academic, civil and private sectors. A program of exhibitions, performances and demonstrations showcase the best in the field at one of digital media’s epicenters: New York City. The center also hosts visiting scholars and artists and collaborates with partner institutions to develop interdisciplinary projects and exchange programs. BxmC provides a vehicle for strong working relationships within NYU Tandon (music, humanities, computer science, electrical engineering), NYU (Courant Institute’s Media Research Lab, the Steinhardt Music Technology program, the Tisch School’s Game Center and Interactive Telecommunication program) and a global network of fascinating people.


NYU Tandon’s new integrated digital media labs in MAGNET (2 MetroTech) provide access to state-of-the-art audio, video, web and multimedia tools for studio and field production. Individual students and small teams are organized to produce professional work under the direct supervision of senior faculty. Where pertinent, leaders in allied professions work handson with students and faculty. The 344-seat Pfizer auditorium is available for special projects and public events organized by faculty, students or guests. The control room and excellent acoustics offer a broad range of technical setups. The Polytechnic Hall of Fame, a nine-screen multimedia venue with 5.1 sound system, can be used as a development environment or public space for special projects. The sound studio is a continuing development project, enabling everything from podcasting, mixing and mastering to ambisonic sound-installation projects.

The labs offer digital video and audio production and postproduction, 2D and 3D interactive design and programming, web, single and multiplayer game development and experimental interfaces. NYU Tandon partners with other institutions and firms to provide access to professional television and radio production environments, multimedia facilities and specialized communications facilities-as required for specific projects. In keeping with the industry’s creative side, NYU Tandon digital media labs are Mac-based. Facility development is continuous. Linux and Windows facilities are available. NYU Tandon also uses and supports open-source tools and practices where they are most effective.


NYU Tandon faculty and technical staff, with their diverse backgrounds, offer a complete range of expertise in digital media from television production to database programming, from the principles of audio filters to the art of interface design. All technical work is grounded in first-class science and engineering and backed by NYU Tandon’s strong history as a center of technological research, development and innovation. The Department of Technology, Culture and Society offers further resources in areas such as the history and philosophy of science and technology, as well as experts in behavioral psychology, environmental studies and music theory. The permanent faculty is supplemented by visiting instructors and a program of guest speakers. Students can find opportunities to work with scholars and creators in residence on projects selected for their relevance to a student’s program of study.


The program unites students with the right mix of educational and professional backgrounds and helps them capitalize on their own and each other’s expertise and initiative. This approach reflects the working reality of the best in digital media: small interdisciplinary teams of people with complementary skills working together on exciting projects with tight deadlines. No one person can expect to combine all the necessary skills (or do all the work), so the program looks for people who already have demonstrated proficiency in one or more areas and who are team players.


Candidates for the Bachelor of Science program are subject to NYU Tandon’s general-admissions procedures and standards. Applicants must present a portfolio of work demonstrating relevant ability and commitment.

All candidates for the Master of Science program are selected for their demonstrated ability and motivation. From the best applicants, the program selects a group with a mix of experience and skills to maximize opportunities for the kind of teamwork and learning characteristic of media professions. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent is required. NYU Tandon does not require GRE scores but will admit applicants based on an interview and review of previous work.


Eric Maiello, Academic Adviser and Coordinator
Integrated Digital Media Program
NYU Tandon School of Engineering
Six MetroTech Center
Brooklyn NY 11201
(646) 997-0720

Further Information:


Bachelor of Science Program

Candidates for a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Digital Media are required to complete DM Core Courses (minimum 42 credits), free electives (18 credits), Math and Science Courses (15 credits) and NYU Tandon’s general-education requirements in the Humanities and Sciences (45 credits, including restricted electives) for a total of 120 credits over four years. The electives may be taken as supplementary studio courses or toward a minor in any subject at NYU Tandon, subject to course prerequisites and the approval of the host department.

NYU Tandon encourages students to maximize the use of its full range of disciplines and to develop the best combination of knowledge and skills for their careers. This approach helps students to choose careers with awareness of their abilities and interests. Students should carefully choose foundation courses and electives so that they have the right prerequisites for specific upper-level courses, especially in science and technology. For detailed current information about available options and requirements, students should contact a program adviser who will consult with faculty in the host departments.

All DM courses are offered as Studio Seminars. Students will be expected to produce finished projects of professional quality under the guidance of active digitalmedia practitioners who are informed by a powerful understanding of the creative and critical context of their work. While NYU Tandon provides top-quality equipment and facilities, students will be expected to obtain and maintain their own laptop computer (consult the department for current specifications) as well as basic peripherals and consumables. In general, digital-media production calls for teamwork and a willingness to produce innovative, high-quality work.

The Bachelor of Science program in Integrated Digital Media provides a foundation for professionals and for those preparing for postgraduate study in particular by flowing into the Master of Science program. With planning and hard work, students can complete a BS (120 credits) and MS (30 credits) in five years.

Master of Science

The Master of Science Program in Integrated Digital Media provides students the tools, skills and insight to craft a better future. Whether undertaken as the beginning of a career in academic research, industry or service, a MS must provide mastery of a particular discipline with a broad understanding of the long-term patterns and tendencies of society and culture. As the reach and impact of new technologies increases, so must the wisdom of those who decide on their use.

The MS in Integrated Digital Media is the best preparation for a rewarding future in the rapidly expanding field of digital-media communications across a wide spectrum of interests. These interests include creative experience, an understanding of the broad forces shaping communications technologies and society and the people’s ability to use what they know and imagine. Individual students and small teams directed by senior faculty are organized to produce professional work. Where relevant, leaders in allied professions work hands-on with students and faculty, including faculty from other departments at NYU Tandon or elsewhere in New York City.

The Master of Science in Integrated Digital Media is full-time and intensive: three consecutive semesters including a major creative/research thesis project. This program requires complete commitment for a manageable time span from “literate practitioners” prepared to make the most of their personal resources. The formal course requirement of 30 credit hours, includes a 6-credit thesis project (considerable out-of-class work commitment is expected).

The curriculum combines hands-on production work with a study of historical, legal and philosophical aspects of digital-media communications. Guest scholars and conferences supplement the regular program and maximize personal contact with leaders in various fields: business, advocacy, service, entertainment and education. The production side emphasizes developing skills that apply to a broad spectrum of media and mandates: small groups working on specific projects focusing on content-driven design and planning and creation. NYU Tandon’s facilities and s trategies use top-of-the line portable equipment rather than capital-intensive studio setups. This approach makes it practical for labs to offer up-to-the-minute technology and for students to prepare for freelance work and their own start-ups, as well as for work in the corporate and public sectors.


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