2014-2016 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) 
    Jul 24, 2024  
2014-2016 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Technology Management and Innovation

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Head: Bharat Rao

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Technology Management is to act as a major educational gateway and premier learning and research hub devoted explicitly to broadly defined innovation and technology management and entrepreneurship. The scholarly intellectual capital it produces and its tailored programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels enable the department to provide unique and valuable opportunities for students, practicing managers and scholars. The department is committed unequivocally to upgrade and revise continually its learning programs and courses to meet fast-changing demands of a dynamic, innovation-driven and competitive environment and to be an academic leader in technology management

The Department

Effective technology and innovation management and entrepreneurship increasingly determine success in business today. The Department of Technology Management is an acknowledged pioneer and leader in the New York City/tri-state region and beyond in offering courses and programs about these increasingly critical arenas. The department serves a diverse and broad range of professionals, and its faculty and students compose a vital and forward-thinking research and learning community. The department’s research and educational offerings focus on a broad range of sectors, including financial and professional services; retailing and logistics; bio-medical, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals; renewable energy and clean technology; media and entertainment; IT, telecom, networks and modern electronic business; and non-for-profits and government-all constituting areas of greatest growth and opportunity in the modern economy, especially in New York City, the nation’s foremost global city.

Contact Information

Brooklyn Campus

Polytechnic Institute of NYU Five MetroTech Center
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: (718) 260-3760
Fax: (718) 260-3874
E-mail: mgt-dept@poly.edu
Web: http://engineering.nyu.edu/academics/departments/technology

Manhattan Location

MOT and IM Executive Master’s Programs Institute for Technology and Enterprise
55 Broad Street, Suite 13B
New York, NY 10004
Tel: (718) 260-4015
Fax: (212) 547-7029
E-mail: mot-im@poly.edu; ite@poly.edu
Web: http://engineering.nyu.edu/academics/programs/management-technology-ms

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science

Master of Science

Doctor of Philosophy

Graduate Certificates

  • Construction Management Advanced Certificate **
  • Electronic Business Management Advanced Certificate  
  • Entrepreneurship Advanced Certificate  
  • Human Resources Management Advanced Certificate  
  • Information Management Advanced Certificate  
  • Organizational Behavior Advanced Certificate  
  • Project Management Advanced Certificate  
  • Technology Management Advanced Certificate  
  • Telecommunications Management Advanced Certificate  


*Offered in the MOT and eMOT Programs.

**Offered with the Department of Civil Engineering.

Research Profile

The Department of Technology Management consists of an interdisciplinary group of scholars that studies various aspects of technology and innovation - strategic, behavioral, organizational and sociological. Some specific streams of research and sub-topics include:

  • Global innovation and R&D strategy - Managing emerging technologies - Technology and development - Service design and innovation -Tech entrepreneurship and commercialization - Sustainable and clean-tech innovation
  • Impacts of information technology upon individuals, organizations and society - Citizen science - Social computing - Open source - Business model innovation - Pervasive information services
  • Sociological aspects of technology and work - Communicative practices - Distributed collaboration and virtual teams - Knowledge management - Leading Distributed and Virtual Organizations - Project Management

Educational Programs

Undergraduate Program

The Department of Technology Management offers a Bachelor of Science in Business and Technology Management (BTM) . This program prepares students to be nextgeneration managers in fields dominated by technological innovation and especially the rapid advancement of information technology and other fields in the applied science and engineering disciplines. Students completing the BTM Program are prepared to succeed in positions such as technology project leaders, technology savvy entrepreneurs, technology and IT analysts, customer-relationship managers and in other cross-functional roles, and developers of business innovations in financial services and other professional services fields.

Minor in Management

Undergraduate students may obtain a Management Minor  by completing 14 credits of undergraduate management courses. An overall GPA of at least 2.0 must be maintained. At least 8 of the 14 credits must be taken by students while enrolled at Polytechnic.

Graduate and Certificate Programs

The department offers a portfolio of redesigned and modernized educational programs, all dealing with the broad spectrum of innovation, technology management and entrepreneurship in the modern economy, and the department’s graduate programs attract a wide range of students and professionals. This is because all managers should understand how technology and innovation management and entrepreneurship are essential for delivering value to organizations and to the market.

The department offers several graduate and professional programs, two of which are earned in executive management format (meeting every other week on Thursday evening and all day Saturday) and four of which are offered on weekday evenings. One program is offered in both formats.

The department’s graduate and professional programs include:

Students may pursue the MOT, MSM and MS-OB programs either part time or full time with an evening schedule. Each has concentrations that allow students to specialize in selected areas.

The department also offers advanced graduate certificates from the MSM and MS-OB Programs, which consist of sequences of courses leading to advanced knowledge in a desired area of specialization.

Graduate Programs

We encourage and welcome prospective students to apply to our other thriving and innovative graduate programs: the Management of Technology (MOT) and Information Management (IM) Executive Master’s programs, the Master’s of Science-Management (MSM) and the Master’s of Science-Organization Behavior (MS-OB). Further information on these programs can be found on the department’s website.

Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management

Modern technologies increasingly and profoundly affect the management of products, services, processes, organizational forms, business models, the shape of industry structures and modern business environments, the available kinds of technology-enabled innovation and the capability of integrating technology and management-all aimed at creating value for customers and organizations. The ability to conduct research on and to educate about the managerial implications of such topics- all composing technology management-is a highly sought-after and important arena for business scholarship and education. The PhD in Technology Management provides this increasingly significant set of scholarly and educational opportunities.

This degree program  is for research-oriented students. Both full-time and part-time students are accepted. Admission criteria include academic record, professional experience, research potential, GMAT or GRE scores, references and a writing sample.

Please visit the program’s website for more information.

All management undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as certificate programs, are further described in this catalog.

Student Professional Societies, Associations and Organizations

The Management of Technology and the Information Management Executive Programs Alumni Association actively seek to continue and expand shared professional experience gained during and after the programs. Members meet face to face or electronically to share insights obtained in their work experiences and to debate issues broadly relevant to technology management.

The Organizational Behavior Program sponsors an award-winning student chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). The PolySHRM chapter was selected as one of the top 10 in the country by national SHRM. PolySHRM sponsors forums with experts and provides opportunities for professional networking and mentoring to enhance a student’s education and career.

The student club associated with the Bachelor of Science in Business and Technology Management degree program is a strong and valued component of the social fabric of undergraduate life at the School of Engineering. This organization works to create professional knowledge and opportunities for members.

Departmental representatives are available for student advising at SOE and at the 55 Broad Street, Manhattan Programs location.



Harold G. Kaufman, Professor of Technology Management; Academic Director, Organizational Behavior Program;
Academic Director, Department of Management Extension in Israel MIE,
PhD, New York University
BME, Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
Managing professional and technical workers, career management, obsolescence of knowledge and skills, research methods

Associate Professor

Bharat P. Rao, Associate Professor of Technology Management and Department Chair
PhD, University of Georgia
Managing emerging technologies, broadband, wireless and digital business, global innovation, strategic marketing, IT in the supply chain, alliances, networks and collaborative enterprises

Oded Nov, Assistant Professor of Technology Management
PhD, University of Cambridge, UK,
MSC, London School of Economics, UK
Technology management, behavioral aspects of information systems, knowledge management, motivations of open source and user-generated content contributors

Assistant Professors

Anne-Laure Fayard, Assistant Professor of Technology Management
PhD, Ecole Des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (France)
Discourse analysis, communication, online communities, social-material practices, space and culture

Industry Faculty

Robert Albano, Industry Professor
MBA, Rutgers University

Michael Greenstein, Industry Professor, Director of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Master’s Programs
MBA, The University of Louisville

Paul M. Horn, Distinguished Industry Professor
PhD, University of Rochester

Jerry MacArthur Hultin, Industry Professor of Law, Management and Public Policy; President of Polytechnic Institute of NYU
JD, Yale University
Innovation management, global development, modern university education, technology policy

Joseph S. Nadan, Industry Professor of Technology Management; Director of eMOT and eIM Master’s Programs
PhD, New York University
Content innovation, social networks, global entrepreneurship, media management, wireless innovation, e-business

Professional Staff

Bohdan Hoshovsky, MSM and BS-BTM Academic and Administrative Program Director
PhD, Pacifica Graduate Institute

Janelle Meehan, Program Coordinator
BA, Lycoming Collge

Vivek Veeraiah, Administrative Director Department of Technology Management and Innovation and MS-MOT and MS-OB Programs
MS, MBS, New York University - Polytechnic School of Engineering

Adjunct Faculty

Frank Apicella
MBA, New York University

John Artise
MA, New York University
Global human resource management

Tushar Bhattacharjee
PhD, Post-Doctoral Research, MIT and Osaka University
Data communications, electrical engineering

Andrew Biga
PhD, University of South Florida
Talent management, human capital analytics

Robert Biolsi
PhD, Graduate Center, College University of New York
Finance, inflation, equity prices and commodity diversification, electricity deregulation

Jabril Bensedrine
PhD, ESSEC Graduate School of Business (France)
Entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship, technology strategy

Ravi Bhatia
MS, Polytechnic Institute of New York
Project management

Denise Bracamonte
BA, St. John University; PMP and PMI
Certified Project management
Project management

Aurora Brito
MBA, Suffolk University
Coaching in organizations, organizational behavior

Vaughan Coleman
MSOB, Polytechnic University
MA, New York University
Eed, Columbia University
Knowledge Management in HR

Vincent Conte
PhD, Hofstra University
Globalization and technology in HR, Business processing re-engineering, Human capital engineering, Organization development

Alejandro Crawford
MBA, Tuck School, Dartmouth
Entrepreneurial marketing and sales, managing growing enterprises, marketing

Anthony Deak
MS, Polytechnic Institute of New York
Foundations of management, global perspectives in management

Matthew J. DeLuca
MPA, University of Pittsburgh
Conflict management, labor relations, performance management, reward systems, organizational consulting, outsourcing

Michael D’Emic
PhD, National University of Ireland, Cork
MBA, Trinity College (Dublin)
Accounting, finance

Philip Dorin
PhD, University of Connecticut
Training and development

Michael Driscoll
MBA, Polytechnic Institute of New York University
Global innovation, managing cloud computing

Roger D. Eisenhardt
MA, Puclic Administration, CW Post College
MS, Organizational Behavior, Polytechnic Institute of NYU
Human resource management, organizational behavior

James Fazio
MA and MBA, St. John’s University
Operations management

Philip Ferrara
Adjunct Associate Professor of Management
PhD, Hofstra University
Organizational staffing, job design, employee engagement, job and workplace design

William Feuss
PhD, Stevens Institute of Technology

Sara Grant
PhD, New York University
Organizational theory and design, research methods

Edward Greenbaum
MS, Cornell University
Industrial and labor relations

Bohdan Hoshovsky
PhD, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Organizational behavior, project management, general management, transhumanism

Jonatan Jelen
MBA, Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris
PhD candidate, Baruch
Economics, supply chain management

David Kalow
JD, University of Chicago
Intellectual property

Zuño Kristal
EdD, Columbia University
Leadership, organizational learning, executive coaching

Howard Kupferman,
MS, Polytechnic Institute of New York
MBA, Finance, Fordham University
Organizational behavior, business ethics, human resource management, marketing

Rob Marano
MS, University of Pennsylvania
Entrepreneurship, engineering

Thomas Mazzone
MBA, Theseus Institute (France)
Operations management, supply chain management, project management

Marc S. Miller
MBA, Iona College
Human resource management, managing HR technology

Mark Mishken
PhD, University of Tennessee
Organizational staffing, organizational behavior

Pavlos Mourdoukoutas
PhD, University of Connecticut

Carl Nelson
MIE, New York University
Operations management

Bruce Niswander
JD, MBA, Ohio State University
Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial finance, managing intellectual property and intellectual capital

James Paguagua
MBA, Pace University
New product development, marketing

John Reilly
MA, Columbia University
Human resource information systems, web-based human resource management, managing new technology in HR

Ron Spinelli
MS, Brooklyn Polytechnic University
Supply chain management, strategic business

Vivek Veeraiah
MS, MBA, Polytechnic Institute of NYU
Operations management, enterprise data systems

Carla Visser, Adjunct Associate Professor of Management
M.Ed, Rutgers University
Coaching in organizations

Jack Yurkiewicz
PhD, Yale University
Management science

Anthony Zinsser
PhD, Stevens Institute of Technology
Organizational behavior, organization development, talent management, leadership and team development

Yael Zofi
MA, Columbia University
Coaching in organizations, leadership and team development

Advisory Boards

Corporate and Academic

The Department of Technology Management maintains deep ties with a wide range of firms in a host of knowledge- and innovation-intensive sectors. The department is honored to have a distinguished and active Corporate Advisory Board. The department also works closely with high-quality academic institutions and colleagues worldwide and is honored to have an active and highly respected Academic Advisory Board. Both boards meet regularly to review the department’s programs, research and plans. In this manner, the department stays informed, meets the pragmatic and scholarly needs and critical challenges confronting technology and innovation executives and entrepreneurs, and assures that its courses and programs are state of the art and relevant.

Corporate Advisory Board Members

Mark Chardack
Chief Financial Officer

Patrick S. Finn
Director, Northeast Market Development
CISCO Systems

Edward Fitzpatrick
First Deputy Controller
City of New York

John Gilbert
Executive Vice President, COO
Rudin Management Inc.
Chief Technology Officer
New York Information Technology Center

Dr. Alan Kantrow, PhD
Chief Content Officer, Monitor Group
Dean of Faculty, Monitor University, Monitor Group
Visiting Professor, Skolkovo Business School, Moscow

Stephen Lake
Investment Director
QinetiQ Ventures (UK)

Sean Phelan
Founder, Multimap (UK)
Private Investor

J. R. (Jay) Topper Jr.
Rosetta Stone

Academic Advisory Board

Professor Michael Cusumano
Sloan School of Management, MIT
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Professor Yves Doz
Fontainebleau, France

Dr. Alan Kantrow, PhD
Chief Content Officer, Monitor
GroupDean of Faculty, Monitor University, Monitor Group
Visiting Professor, Skolkovo Business School, Moscow

Professor Shlomo Maital
Technion Institute of Management
Tel Aviv, Israel

Professor Pedro Nueno
Barcelona, Spain

Professor Ananth Ramen
Harvard Business School

Professor Denis Fred Simon
Penn State University

Professor Edward A. Stohr
Stevens Institute of Technology

Professor Raymond-Alain Thietart
Director, PhD Program
ESSEC Business School, France

Professor N. Venkatraman McGrath
Boston University School of Management

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