2022-2024 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (IN PROGRESS) 
    Aug 14, 2022  
2022-2024 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (IN PROGRESS)

BMS-UY 4113 Genetics and Genomics

3 Credits
This lecture course seeks to build upon foundational concepts in genetics introduced in freshman BMS-UY 1003 and molecular genetics covered in the junior BMS-UY 3613 and BMS 3713 Advanced Molecular and Cell Biology courses respectively, while demonstrating the contemporary application of classical genetics to various fields, including genomics, genetic testing, ancestry, epigenetics, reproductive healthcare, etc. A brief review of the birthing of genetics by Gregor Mendel will be provided, but the main focus of the course will be on new methods and technologies, such as for example, gene sequencing, CRISPR and lentiviral gene therapy, and their application in health care and beyond.

Prerequisite(s): BMS-UY 3613  and BMS-UY 3713  or instructor’s/advisor’s permission.