2022-2023 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) 
    Apr 17, 2024  
2022-2023 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda)

Construction Management, M.S.


The M.S. Construction Management degree requires a minimum of 30 credits, taken in the following categories:

1. Major Requirement Courses (15 Credits)
 Students will select 15 credits (five courses) from the Major Requirement Courses list below. Additional courses from this list may be taken as Electives.

2. Minor Concentration Courses (6 Credits)
Students will consult with the Construction Management Program Director and explore courses from another academic program at NYU.

3. Electives (6 Credits)
Students will choose additional courses from the Major Requirement Courses list or other elective courses.

4. Capstone Course (3 Credits)
All students will complete a culminating Capstone Course near or during their final semester. 

Major Requirement Courses (15 Credits)

A minimum of 15 credits (five courses) must be selected from the following courses:

Minor Concentration Courses (6 Credits)

All students must complete a minor concentration of study consisting of a minimum of 6 credits selected from courses in any single graduate academic program at NYU (i.e., courses bearing the same prefix), or from any other concentrated area of study approved by the Construction Management Program Director. The selection of the minor concentration of study shall be made with the advisement and consent of the Construction Management Program Director.

Electives (6 Credits)

Students have many options for the Electives. These include:

a. More courses from the above major requirement list, in excess of the minimum requirement

b. More courses related to the student’s chosen minor concentration

c. CE-GY intership courses – CE-GY 9105 Principles of Professional Practice I: Ethics ,CE-GY 9205 Principles of Professional Practice II: Management ,CE-GY 9305 Principles of Professional Practice III: Leadership  

d. Other courses from the Civil and Urban Engineering Department: CE-GY, TR-GY

e. Other courses chosen in consultation with the Construction Management Program Director

Capstone Course (3 Credits)

All students must complete an approved Capstone Course:

Departmental Residency Requirement

At least 21 credits must be taken from courses offered by the Civil and Urban Engineering Department. These include courses with subject code CE-GY, TR-GY, or ROB-GY 6203 Robot Perception . Students may also apply one of the following courses to the Departmental Residency Requirement: IE-GY 6203 Project Planning and Control (Project Management) MG-GY 6013 Organizational Behavior , or MG-GY 8203 Project Management .

Students will typically meet the Departmental Residency Requirement in the following manner:

1. Major Requirement Course 1

2. Major Requirement Course 2

3. Major Requirement Course 3

4. Major Requirement Course 4

5. Major Requirement Course 5

6. Capstone Course

7. Any CE-GY course (including an additional Major Requirement Course), TR-GY course, IE-GY 6203 , MG-GY 6013 , or MG-GY 8203 .


The above lists are subject to change as courses are added to, or deleted from the program.

Grade Requirements

To earn a Master of Science in Construction Management, students must maintain a B (3.0) cumulative average.

Sample Study Plan

Below is a sample study plan of the courses a student might take.

Semester 1 Credits
CE-GY 8243 Construction Modeling Techniques  (Major Requirement Course 1) 3
CE-GY 8253 Project Management for Construction  (Major Requirement Course 2) 3
CE-GY 8263 Construction Cost Estimating   (Major Requirement Course 3) 3
============================================================================ ========
Semester 2 Credits
CE-GY 8283 Risk Analysis  (Major Requirement Course 4) 3
CE-GY 8353 Construction Scheduling  (Major Requirement Course 5) 3
(Minor Concentration Course 1) 3
============================================================================ ========
Semester 3 Credits
(Minor Concentration Course 2) 3
CE-GY 8333 Marketing for Construction Management and Engineering Services   (Elective 1) 3
CE-GY 8373 Construction Accounting and Finance   (Elective 2) 3
============================================================================ ========
Semester 4 Credits
CE-GY 8393 Leadership, Ethics, and Project Execution  (Capstone Course) 3