2011-2013 Catalog (without addenda) 
    May 08, 2021  
2011-2013 Catalog (without addenda) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Information Management Executive (eIM), Information Management (IMCIO) Concentration, M.S.

eIM Curriculum

The eIM 36 credit curriculum consists of 24 credits of core courses and 12 credits of elective courses. To give students greater flexibility in choosing electives, the program has both full-semester courses that are 3.00 credits each and half-semester courses (marked with **) that are 1.50 credits each. Students may substitute one full-semester elective with two half-semester electives or vice-versa.

Core Courses

Second Semester

Third Semester

Fourth Semester

eIM Concentrations

Elective courses are grouped into three different areas of interest referred to as concentrations:

  • The Information Management (IM) business- driven base program concentration trains information-technology-based professionals to lead and oversee the process of invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship — what we call i2e.
  • The Information Management (IMCIO) concentration allows information-technology professionals to develop their management and leadership skills with a focus on running IT as a business and receive certification from New York State (pending approval) as a CIO.
  • The Information Management in Information Security and Privacy (IMCISO) concentration allows information-technology- based professionals to develop their management and leadership skills with a focus on cyber-security and receive certification from New York State* as a CISO.


* New York State CISO certification from Global Information Cyber Security Association

Suggested Full-Semester Elective Courses Grouped by Concentration

All full-semester elective courses are 3.00 credits. All eIM students may, with the written permission of the Program Director, substitute any of the following courses for any full-semester elective:


All eIM students may take full-semester electives from any of the following concentration areas:

Information Management (IMCIO)