2020-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) 
    Apr 23, 2024  
2020-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemical Engineering, Ph.D.

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Requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering

Each doctoral candidate must complete a minimum of 75 credits of academic work past the bachelor’s degree, including a minimum of 36 credits of dissertation research, to complete the PhD in Chemical Engineering program. A minimum of 30 graduate credits beyond the bachelor’s degree (not including PhD dissertation and non-dissertation research credits) are required in chemical engineering or related subjects. Of the 30 credits, 12 are to be taken as part of the required graduate core courses in Chemical Engineering and 18 are taken as electives. For electives: at least 3 electives (9 credits) are to be chosen from approved CBE courses, 6000-level and above. The remaining electives need to be selected in consultation with and with the explicit approval from the chemical engineering graduate adviser. In addition to the required coursework, attendance is required at departmental colloquia.

Students must also pass a comprehensive qualifying examination in chemical engineering and present a doctoral dissertation. The qualifying exam is given once a year. Additional details on the qualifying examination will be provided by the graduate adviser.

To meet graduation requirements, students must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher, excluding dissertation credits, and must not obtain a grade of C or lower in more than two required core courses.

A student who has earned graduate level credits and/or been awarded an MS degree should consult with the graduate advisor for course registration and possible credit transfer.

Candidates for the degree Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering should plan their programs in accordance with the following requirements:

Electives: 18 credits minimum

At least three electives (9 credits) must be chosen from approved CBE courses, 6000-level and above.

The remaining courses may be chosen from other graduate programs with the approval of the graduate advisor in chemical engineering.

Dissertation: 36 credits minimum


Up to 9 credits of CBE-GY 998X Research in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering  can be included here.

Total 75 credits

The Ph.D. degree requires a total of 75 credits to graduate. The minimum credit requirements for the core, electives, and the dissertation total to 66 credits. This design is intentional so that students are afforded the flexibility to structure the remaining 9 credits in the way that best suits their interests and goals. Students have the option of either taking more electives, more dissertation credits, or a combination of both for the remaining 9 credits.

Additional Requirements:

  • Required safety training: All graduate students in PhD Chemical Engineering must enroll in (on BioRaft) and complete three one-hour training sessions offered by the NYU EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) Office in the first semester. The three sessions are: Lab Safety, Waste Management and Biosafety. Student must show proof (e.g. certificate) that they completed this training to their advisors. Each subsequent fall they must take three online refresher sessions until they graduate.
  •   CBE-GY 9910 /CBE-GY 9920  must be taken each semester.


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