2020-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) 
    May 18, 2024  
2020-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Engineering Innovation Minor

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The Engineering Innovation Minor (EIM) focuses on intra & entrepreneurship as a lever for Tandon SOE students to gain vital soft and hard skills to define their value at their future employment opportunities. The EIM Minor is open only to matriculated Tandon Students (or those in NYU pursuing and completing a dual (secondary) degree in Tandon).

This minor tasks Tandon SOE students with conceptualizing and pursuing the development of a commercially viable ventures during the minor with the purpose of learning the skills required to bring products and services from concepts to market, while also building a portfolio of projects. These goals are supported through the EIM’s required core Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship course’s acumens actualized in the NYU Tandon Future Labs (FLE) internship(s) alongside the Future Labs’ portfolio of companies. The portfolio’s companies are early stage and in the process of executing on their go-to-market strategies. Completed freshman engineering credits from the Tandon General Engineering Department are required. A required EIM “boot-camp” acquaints and acclimatizes students to the worlds of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, while preparing students outside of these worlds academically with soft and hard skills which will be needed for the student to survive and thrive in an entrepreneurial environment. An EIM Elective supports further specialization.

Engineering Innovation Minor Requirements1-11

• Total Credits required: 15-16 credits
• Required Core Courses (9 credits total):

• Required Internship Course (3 credits):

• EIM Elective Course (3-4 credits total):

  • Elective Course(s)4,9 (3-4 credits)

Notes and Restrictions

1 In order for the Minor to be awarded and recorded on the official student transcript, the student has to obtain an overall 2.00 GPA in the Minor courses.
2 The EIM Minor is open only to matriculated Tandon Students (or those in NYU pursuing and completing a dual (secondary) degree in Tandon).
3 EIM applicants must have a passing grade in: 1) EG-UY 1001 Engineering and Technology Forum and 2) EG-UY 1003 Introduction to Engineering and Design or EG-UY 3003 Pre-capstone Innovation, either if required as part of their SOE primary major.
4 EIM students are permitted to take an additional CP-UY 2013 course as an EIM Elective. (Note: Tandon permits a max of 6 credits of any internship total applied towards a Tandon degree, but BTM majors may only take MG-UY 4603, once).
5 Students must be enrolled in the EIM Minor to be permitted registration to the MG-UY 4601 Engineering Innovation Minor Boot-Camp.
6 FLE Boot Camp is only waived for students who take a special restricted (non-BTM major) student cohort course of MG-UY 4404 Entrepreneurship [sec FTLB], when available. (Please contact the EIM Director. The 1cr deficit for this EIM cohort can be met with a 1cr EIM Elective pre-approved by the EIM Director.)
7 Tandon BTM majors cannot take the EIM Minor Boot Camp. BTM majors in the EIM must substitute MG-UY 4601 with a pre-approved 1cr by the EIM Director.
8 BTM major required MG-UY 4404 Entrepreneurship and MG-UY 3404 Innovation Management courses are replaced with: 1) a 4-credit total of MG-UY non-required course credits, 2) another 4 credits of EIM Electives pre-approved by the EIM Director.
9 EIM Electives are chosen by the student to support their further specialization in the EIM. All EIM Electives are pre-approved by the EIM Director.
10 Students may not double count courses between the Tandon Cross School Management Minor, the Tandon Cross School Minor in Technology Management and Design, the Tandon BTM major and the EIM.
11 At least 50% of the EIM Minor must be taken in Tandon.

Contact Information:

EIM Director: Bohdan Hoshovsky bh863@nyu.edu

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